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13 September 2012
BookBrunch feature - No dodgy quiches at M.C. Beaton Lunch

The book industry news and information website BookBrunch ran a feature today on a recent trade lunch held to celebrate 20 years of Agatha Raisin and the upcoming launch of Hiss and Hers. Guests included crime writers and journalists Barry Forshaw and Laura Wilson, and journalists Carla McKay and Jake Kerridge.

In the article, Nick Clee recounts one of M.C. Beaton's stories of working in John Smith's bookshop in Glasgow, at the time the oldest bookshop in Scotland:

'She recalled working as a young woman at John Smith in St Vincent Street, Glasgow, where she had dismayed the MD, Jack Knox, by quizzing a customer about his name. "Hamilton," the customer told her. "And your first name?" she asked. "The Duke of," came the reply.'

The full article is available at No dodgy quiches at M.C. Beaton Lunch (NOTE: the article is only available to paying subscribers).

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