M.C. BEATON - The New York Times Bestselling author
15 April 2012
HeadButler.com Reviews the Quiche of Death

Headbutler.com, which describes its purpose as "to guide smart, busy people through the thicket of mediocre New Stuff and into the clearing of Great Stuff", recently posted a very nice review of The Quiche of Death.

What are the odds that I would read, much less praise, an English murder mystery starring a retired public relations executive who sells her London business and moves to a cottage in the Cotswolds?

Slim, I’d say. More like none, really.

...“The Quiche of Death” was such a pleasant surprise I wondered why I’d never heard of M.C. Beaton ... It can’t be. But it is so. I have a modest crush on Agatha Raisin. And real admiration for her creator.

For the full review, visit http://headbutler.com/books/mystery/quiche-death

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