M.C. BEATON - The New York Times Bestselling author
13 February 2013
Publishers Weekly reviews Death of Yesterday

Publishers Weekly, the weekly magazine known as "the bible of the book business”, last month published its pre-publication review of the upcoming Hamish Macbeth mystery Death of Yesterday.

The review writes, "Near the start of Beaton’s delightful 29th Hamish Macbeth mystery (after 2012’s Death of a Kingfisher), art student Morag Merrilea complains to the Scottish police sergeant about the theft of her sketchbook in a pub where she was drinking heavily one night. When Morag disappears and later turns up dead, Macbeth attempts to solve the crime...Cozy fans are in for a treat." You can read the whole review at Publishers Weekly.

Death of Yesterday will be published on March 26th in the US and February 21st in the UK, and it is already available to pre-order from most retailers.

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