M.C. BEATON - The New York Times Bestselling author
01 January 2020
Marion Chesney Gibbons, also known as M.C. Beaton: 1936 - 2019

It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the death of author Marion Chesney Gibbons, known professionally as M.C. Beaton, after a brief illness.

12 July 2019
Agatha Raisin Series 2 Comes to Sky TV

The latest season of Acorn TV's adaptation of the Agatha Raisin novels has finally aired on Sky TV in the UK.

27 February 2019
Agatha Raisin Renewed for a Third Season

Acorn TV have just renewed the TV adaptation of Agatha Raisin for a third season.

25 February 2019
US Cover for Beating About the Bush Revealed

The US cover for the latest Agatha Raisin novel 'Beating About the Bush' has been released.

10 February 2019
Trailers for The Fairies of Fryfam and The Curious Curate

Acorn has premiered the second and third episodes of the second series of Agatha Raisin, and you can find links to the trailers here.

10 October 2018
Trailer for Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham

The full trailer is out for the first episode of the second series of Agatha Raisin.

02 October 2018
First Look at the Second TV Series of Agatha Raisin

Acorn TV, the production company behind the second TV series of Agatha Raisin, have released a sneak preview of the upcoming first episode and it was an exclusive first look in Entertainment Weekly

21 September 2018
New excerpt of The Dead Ringer available

There's a new excerpt of the Dead Ringer now available, giving you a glimpse of the first chapter of the 29th novel in the Agatha Raisin series.

08 March 2018
M.C. Beaton on Meet the Author

M.C. Beaton was interviewed for the BBC news programme Meet the Author.

07 March 2018
Daily Mail Article on Lonliness

In the Daily Mail, M.C. Beaton writes about how she has coped with loneliness throughout her life.

26 February 2018
MC Beaton in Paris Match

MC Beaton appears in this month's Paris Match, talking about her life and her career, and about Agatha Raisin which has been published in France and has seen growing popularity.

15 January 2018
Acorn TV Commission Second Series of Agatha Raisin

Agatha Raisin will return to our screens in 2018, with actress Ashley Jensen once again playing the eponymous heroine.

07 May 2017
Agatha Raisin Updated Broadcast Times on Public TV

The Agatha Raisin TV Series, starring Ashley Jensen, is still showing in the US, and we have some revised broadcast times below.

19 March 2017
M.C. Beaton's Sales Top 20,000,000 Worldwide

Worldwide sales of M.C. Beaton's books have topped 20,000,000 worldwide!

16 January 2017
Death of an Honest Man US Cover

We have a first look at the cover for the new Hamish Macbeth novel, Death of an Honest Man.

06 January 2017
Agatha Raisin Broadcast Times on Public TV

The Agatha Raisin TV Series, starring Ashley Jensen, has finally come to the US, and we have the broadcast times below.

17 October 2016
Hamish Macbeth and The Poor Relation Optioned for TV

M.C. Beaton's Hamish Macbeth series and The Poor Relation, an historical romance series, have both been optioned by Free@Last TV, currently producing the Agatha Raisin series, adapted from her best-selling novels and starring Ashley Jensen.

01 September 2016
Agatha Raisin to show on PBS in 2017

The television adaptation of Agatha Raisin is to show on select PBS stations in the US in early 2017.

08 August 2016
New York Times reviews Agatha Raisin

The New York Times has published its review of the new series of Agatha Raisin, starring Ashley Jensen.

05 August 2016
Acorn TV showing Agatha Raisin in the US

The television adaptation of Agatha Raisin starring Ashley Jensen is now available to stream online in the US through Acorn TV.

19 May 2016
Agatha Raisin and the First Two Tantalising Cases Published

To coincide with the June the 7th launch of the Agatha Raisin series on Sky 1, Little Brown have published a tie-in edition of Agatha Raisin and the First Two Tantalising Cases.

18 May 2016
Agatha Raisin Series Starts 7th June on Sky

Sky1 have released a trailer for the new season of Agatha Raisin, which begins on June 7th.

03 April 2016
M.C. Beaton Reaches 20000 Likes on Facebook

The M.C. Beaton fan page on Facebook reached a new milestone when it hit 20,000 "likes" this week.

02 November 2015
Daring Debutantes 7-book Bundle Available on US Kindle

RosettaBooks in the US has released a new 7-book bundle entitled "The Daring Debutantes Series" containing seven of M.C. Beaton's classic historical romances.

30 July 2015
Get a Sneak Peek at Dishing the Dirt

The next Agatha Raisin novel, Dishing the Dirt, is published on September 15th in the US and October 1st in the UK. But to whet your appetite, we have a right here containing the full first chapter.

29 April 2015
Audiobook Listings Updated

We've updated our books listings with links to the audiobook versions from two of the largest suppliers - Audible and Downpour.

05 February 2015
Death of a Liar Published in the UK

The latest Hamish Macbeth mystery, Death of a Liar, has now been published in the UK. Including the Christmas special "A Highland Christmas", this is the 31st Hamish Macbeth novel to be published.

03 February 2015
Death of a Liar Published in the US

The latest Hamish Macbeth mystery, Death of a Liar, was published today in the US. The 31st novel in the series sees the laid-back, Scottish village policeman dealing with another fiendish crime.

02 December 2014
M.C. Beaton Selected for World Book Night

World Book Night is an annual celebration of reading and books which takes place on 23 April. It sees passionate volunteers give hundreds of thousands of books away in their communities to share their love of reading.

01 December 2014
First Trailer Released for Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death

Sky 1 has released the first trailer for its upcoming adaptation of the first Agatha Raisin novel, Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death.

24 November 2014
First Glimpses of Ashley Jensen as Agatha Raisin

Sky 1 has released some teaser photos from its upcoming adaptation of Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death.

12 October 2014
Appearance and Book Signing at the Cheltenham Festival

M.C Beaton appeared at the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Thursday the 9th of October interviewed by fellow crime writer Simon Brett, and we have some photographs from the event.

29 September 2014
On the Set of Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death

M.C. Beaton visited the filming of the upcoming Sky 1 HD production of Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death, and we have some from the set.

16 September 2014
Blood of an Englishman Published in the US

The 25th Agatha Raisin mystery, The Blood of an Englishman, is published today in the US in hardback by Minotaur books.

05 September 2014
Further Cast Announced for the Quiche of Death

Sky Television and Mammoth Screen today released further details about the casting of the upcoming television adaptation of The Quiche of Death. Actors Hermione Norris, Robert Bathurst, Matthew Horne, Matt McCooey, Jason Barnett, Jamie Glover and Katy Wix to join lead Ashley Jensen in this two-hour Christmas special which began filming this week.

01 September 2014
Agatha Raisin Giveaways on Facebook

With the upcoming launch of Blood of an Englishman in the US on the 16th of September and the UK on the 2nd of October, readers have the chance to win another 6 novels in the 3rd Agatha Raisin Giveaway.

22 August 2014
Ashley Jensen to Star in TV Adaptation of the Quiche of Death

We can finally reveal that Ashley Jensen, who has starred in hit TV series such as Extras and Ugly Betty, is to play Agatha Raisin in an upcoming adaptation of The Quiche of Death commissioned for Sky Television. More details will be forthcoming, but for the moment we have the details from the press release below.

20 June 2014
Murder on the Orient Express

Following in the footsteps of Hercule Poirot, M.C. Beaton took the Orient Express when she travelled from London to Venice. As well as holidaying, in Venice she met with her Italian publishers Astoria, and we have some photos from her trip.

22 March 2014
Death of a Policeman in the New York Times Bestseller List

Death of a Policeman, M.C.Beaton's latest Hamish Macbeth mystery, was published in hardback in the US on the 25th of February and last week went into the New York Times Best Seller list for hardback fiction at number 23.

16 March 2014
Regency Gold Available in US and UK

Regency Gold, M.C. Beaton's first ever novel, is once again available in the US and UK.

26 February 2014
M.C. Beaton Interview with Downpour

Downpour.com, the online audiobook provider formerly known as AudioGo US, has published an audio interview with M.C. Beaton.

17 February 2014
M.C. Beaton is the UK's Most Borrowed British Adult Fiction Author

The UK Public Lending Right organisation, which administers royalty payments to authors based on library lending, has published its figures for 2012-2013.

05 February 2014
Death of a Policeman Out This Month

The 30th instalment in the Hamish Macbeth mystery series Death of a Policeman will be published later this month in both the US and UK.

04 February 2014
Rendezvous with M.C. Beaton on Facebook with RosettaBooks

On Wednesday the 12th of February from 2:00 to 2:30 EST/7:00 to 7:30 GMT, M.C. Beaton will be answering questions about her historical romance titles.

01 February 2014
New US Regency Covers and New UK Macbeth Covers

The new year brings a bright new set of cover art for both UK editions of the Hamish Macbeth Mysteries, and for US ebook editions of M.C. Beaton's historical romances.

27 January 2014
The Westerby Sisters Finally Available in US Ebook Edition

The Westerby Sisters, the second part of the story begun in M.C. Beaton's historical romance The Westerby Inheritance, is finally available as a Kindle ebook in the US.

16 January 2014
C and R Crime Kindle Ebooks Offer for January (UK Only)

C & R Crime, UK publisher Constable and Robinson's crime imprint, have a sale on in January offering dozens of crime ebooks for the Kindle, each for 99p or less.

20 December 2013
M.C. Beaton's Holiday Message

M.C. Beaton had a holiday message for all of her Facebook fans, one that applies to all of her readers...

05 December 2013
M.C. Beaton out in the Cotswolds

M.C. Beaton braved the December chill to show her Facebook fans some of her favourite places in the Cotswolds in a photo gallery.

25 November 2013
M.C. Beaton's Visit to Poland

M.C. Beaton visited Warsaw earlier this month, and we have some photos from her visit.

17 September 2013
Latest Agatha Raisin Novel Published in the US

The latest novel in the Agatha Raisin series, Something Borrowed, Someone Dead is published today in the US by Minotaur Books in both hardcover and ebook formats.

07 August 2013
RosettaBooks releases a second M.C. Beaton author profile video

RosettaBooks, M.C. Beaton's historical romance ebook publisher in the United States, has released a second author introduction video.

10 June 2013
RosettaBooks releases new M.C. Beaton author profile video

RosettaBooks, the US ebook publisher who currently M.C. Beaton's extensive catalogue of historical romances, has released a new video giving a brief history of her career.

08 April 2013
Death of Yesterday in the New York Times Best Sellers List

Death of Yesterday, the latest Hamish Macbeth mystery, was released in hardback in the US on the 26th of March and last week went into the New York Times Best Seller list for hardback fiction at number 18.

04 April 2013
7000 fans for M.C. Beaton on Facebook

M.C. Beaton fanbase has increased yet again, now with over 7,000 fans following her on Facebook and keeping up to date with all of her news.

13 February 2013
Publishers Weekly reviews Death of Yesterday

Publishers Weekly, the weekly magazine known as "the bible of the book business”, last month published its pre-publication review of the upcoming Hamish Macbeth mystery Death of Yesterday.

11 February 2013
M.C. Beaton 3rd most borrowed adult author in UK libraries

The UK Public Lending Right organisation, which administers royalty payments to authors based on library lending, has published its figures for 2011-2012.

11 February 2013
The Mystery of M.C. Beaton article in The Telegraph

Last Friday, The Telegraph published a profile of M.C. Beaton, giving a brief background on the writer to coincide with her being named the 3rd most borrowed adult author in the latest UK Public Lending Right figures.

30 January 2013
New Hamish Macbeth mystery Death of Yesterday available to pre-order

The latest Hamish Macbeth mystery, Death of Yesterday is available to pre-order in both hardback and ebook editions in the US and UK.

08 January 2013
New US Paperback Editions of the Edwardian Murder Mysteries Published

Brand new US editions of the first of the Edwardian Murder Mystery series have been published today. Snobbery with Violence and Hasty Death have been republished in paperback by Minotaur Books, complete with new covers.

20 November 2012
M.C. Beaton hits 6000 fans on Facebook

M.C. Beaton reached another small milestone today, with over 6,000 fans following her on Facebook. Join them, and you can read the Agatha Raisin short story "Hell's Bells" and read an excerpt from her Regency novel "Annabelle", as well as keep up to date with all of her news.

05 November 2012
CWA Awards in The Bookseller

The October 26th edition of the Bookseller, the UK publishing trade publication, M.C. Beaton appears on the news page alongside Golden Dagger winner Gene Kerrigan.

08 October 2012
M.C. Beaton at the 2012 Crime Thriller Awards

M.C Beaton will be presenting an award at the Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards on October 18th 2012 at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

07 October 2012
Agatha Raisin comes to Turkey

Three M.C. Beaton titles are due to be published in Turkey. The Quiche of Death, Minerva and Emily Goes to Exeter will be published by Nemesis Yayınları.

02 October 2012
Hiss and Hers in the New York Times Best Sellers List

Hiss and Hers, the latest Agatha Raisin mystery, was released in hardback in the US on the 18th of September and this week has gone into the New York Times Best Seller list for hardback fiction at number 18.

13 September 2012
BookBrunch feature - No dodgy quiches at M.C. Beaton Lunch

The book industry news and information website BookBrunch ran a feature today on a recent trade lunch held to celebrate 20 years of Agatha Raisin and the upcoming launch of Hiss and Hers.

28 August 2012
Hiss and Hers available to pre-order

Agatha Raisin's latest adventure 'Hiss and Hers' will be released in both hardback and ebook in the UK on the 4th of October 2012, and in the US on the 18th of September 2012, but you can pre-order your copy with selected online retailers.

03 August 2012
M.C. Beaton Interview in the Bookseller

In the 27th July/3rd August issue of the UK publishing trade publication The Bookseller there is a two page interview with M.C. Beaton. The interview covers her early life in Glasgow, growing up reading voraciously before taking a job in a bookshop, and eventually her career in journalism.

28 June 2012
M.C. Beaton now on Twitter

In addition to her updates on Facebook, M.C. Beaton began tweeting last week through her account @mc_beaton. Join the the rest of her fans, visit her page at http://twitter.com/#!/mc_beaton and follow her!

18 June 2012
Agatha Raisin Features on the Cover of the Bookseller

Agatha Raisin adorned both the front and the back covers of the 25th of May edition of the Bookseller, the UK's leading magazine of the publishing industry.

01 June 2012
Hamish Macbeth Ebooks Offer (US only)

Although they have been available in the UK as ebooks for some time, US fans of Police Constable Hamish Macbeth have had to make do with print editions of his first cases. But now Grand Central Publishing is bringing out fresh ebook editions, and to celebrate the release, these ebooks will be made available for a limited time at the reduced price of $2.99 each.

22 April 2012
Celebrating 20 Years of Agatha Rasisin

The London Book Fair edition of the Bookseller has a piece about M.C. Beaton, written by Krystyna Green, her editor at her UK publishers Constable & Robinson.

15 April 2012
HeadButler.com Reviews the Quiche of Death

Headbutler.com, which describes its purpose as "to guide smart, busy people through the thicket of mediocre New Stuff and into the clearing of Great Stuff", recently posted a review of The Quiche of Death.

19 February 2012
Death of a Kingfisher on sale this week (US)

Death of a Kingfisher, the 27th Hamish Macbeth mystery, goes on sale this week in the US, published by Grand Central Publishing. It tells the story of how in recession-hit Scotland, the village of Braikie attempts to woo tourists to its "Fairy Glen" with images of a graceful kingfisher - when a kingfisher is found dead and the village's tourist trade threatened, Hamish Macbeth is called in to catch the culprit, only to find that worse crimes lie ahead.

07 February 2012
M.C. Beaton Rises Up UK Library Charts

Statistics from the UK's Public Lending Right organization show that M.C. Beaton has risen to become the UK's 8th most borrowed author, rising from 13th place in 2010, and 29th place in 2009.

06 February 2012
NOOK US E-Books Added

The slow process of adding e-books to the site continues. Now, as well as details of all of the Kindle editions of M.C. Beaton's books, you will find details of the Barnes & Noble NOOK US editions.

28 January 2012
The New Edwardian Era

With the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, the ascension of her son Edward to the throne saw the start of the brief period in British history known as the Edwardian era. It was an age marked by a renewed interest in fashion and the stirrings of great social change, but it was one with rigid social rules, where class reigned supreme. With this tension between the old and the new, it is no surprise that this period has provided plenty of material for writers over the years.

01 January 2012
Happy New Year

Happy new year from all of us at MCBeaton.com. Looking ahead, 2012 will be a busy year.

February sees the hardcover launch of the latest in the Hamish Macbeth series, Death of a Kingfisher...

29 November 2011
Historical Romance Audiobooks

AudioGo to publish audio book versions of all 98 M.C. Beaton regency romances.

09 November 2011
MCBeaton.com Launches

The MC Beaton's official website opened its doors to the public today. The aim is to bring together in one place information that has previously been spread across a number of different publishers' websites in different countries.

01 November 2011
Facebook page reaches 4,000 "likes"

M.C. Beaton's personal Facebook page has been "liked" over 4,000 times. The page gives her a chance to chat with her readers and find out more about what they like and why.

To find out what she's up to today, go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/M-C-Beaton/112137975479516

11 October 2011
As The Pig Turns Goes On Sale

As the Pig Turns, the 22nd Agatha Raisin mystery, launched this week in the US and went straight onto the extended New York Times Bestseller List for hardcover fiction.


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