M.C. BEATON - The New York Times Bestselling author
29 November 2011
Historical Romance Audiobooks

AudioGo will publish audio book versions of all 98 M.C. Beaton regency romances. The audio books will start becoming available by the end of 2012. AudioGo currently stocks many M.C. Beaton audiobooks, and As The Pig Turns is currently number one in the top ten downloads chart on the US site.

AudioGo is one of the US and the UK's leading audiobook publishers, with a broad, diverse and inclusive range of spoken word and large print titles. AudioGO was formerly known as BBC Audiobooks and BBC Audiobooks USA, and has its main offices are based in Bath, UK, and Rhode Island in the USA.

AudioGo is one of the most prolific publishers of complete and unabridged audiobooks and large print books in the world today. Its expanding range currently extends to more than 10,000 titles in all, encompassing a wide range of best-selling authors and catering for all tastes. Its complete and unabridged audiobooks are read by the best narrators, and are second to none in terms of quality. It has sold over a million downloads online, and its titles are also available in shops and libraries on CDs and MP3-CDs.

Out Now
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