M.C. BEATON - The New York Times Bestselling author
Historical Romances

At the Sign of the Golden Pineapple

The Regency Season Series #2

M.C. Beaton

"I do not think I want to be married at all. I want to be rich. Very rich…"

Miss Henrietta Bascombe's closest of friends chums gasped to hear of such a well-bred lady talk of going into trade, but Henrietta was determined to turn her pittance of an inheritance into a fortune by opening a London sweet shop that would rival the famous Gunther's! Undaunted by a challenge, Henrietta proceeded to hang out the traditional confectioners sign of a golden pineapple and soon earned the custom of the entire haute ton. That is, until the proud Earl of Carrisdowne took exception to his younger brother and his best friend ogling the girls behind Bascombe's counter. It was clear to the earl that Miss Bascombe would have to be put out of business and soon. But the earl looked forward to tangling with the fiery-eyed proprietor much more than he was willing to admit…


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07 August 2014
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