M.C. BEATON - The New York Times Bestselling author
Foreign Rights

M. C. Beaton is a New York Times bestselling author in the United States, where St. Martin's Press publishes the AGATHA RAISIN series and Grand Central publishes the HAMISH MACBETH series, both of which are available as audiobooks through AudioGo. Constable & Robinson also has had immense success with the author in the UK, and publishes all of the AGATHA and HAMISH titles, with more M. C. Beaton titles coming under contract all the time. Internationally, her novels have been translated into a dozen langauges and sell worldwide (see Foreign Editions).

Recently, Lowenstein Associates has made deals with RosettaBooks for North American eBook rights to 97 Marion Chesney/M. C. Beaton Regency romances, and in the UK, Constable & Robinson has licensed those rights as well. These romances are available for foreign translation, and have already begun to garner international interest.

For further information on foreign rights, international agents and publishers should contact Ronald Gerber at Lowenstein Associates:

Out Now
Cover of The Dead Ringer
The church of St. Ethelred in the village of Thirk Magna is renowned for its team of bell-ringers, the troupe led by identical twins Mavis and...
Cover of Death of an Honest man
Nobody loves an honest man, or that was what police sergeant Hamish Macbeth tried to tell newcomer Paul English. Paul attended church in Lochdubh....

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