M.C. BEATON - The New York Times Bestselling author
Foreign Rights

M.C. Beaton is the New York Times bestselling author of the AGATHA RAISIN mystery series (32 titles) and the HAMISH MACBETH mystery series (34 titles), published by St. Martin’s Press and Grand Central in the US. AGATHA RAISIN audiobooks are published by Blackstone, and HAMISH MACBETH audiobooks are published by Grand Central. Constable is the official publisher of all the AGATHA and HAMISH titles with more M. C. Beaton titles under contract every year. Internationally, her novels have been translated into 20 languages and sell worldwide (see Foreign Editions).

Rosetta ebooks publishes all 99 M. C. Beaton Regency romances in the US. In the UK, Constable has licensed the romances as well. These titles have garnered considerable international interest and sales, and are currently available for translation in many territories.

For further information on foreign rights, international agents, and publishers, please contact Ronald Gerber at Lowenstein Associates:

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